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In the field of industrial design and manufacture, HuiCheng is synonymous with reliability and responsibility.

Come from England and develop in China. We pride ourselves on using as many Chinese sourced components as possible. As the effort of Chinese transcendent engineer and professional OEM factory, we are magnifying our rich experience of more than 20 years and making high quality product with economical price.

By now, our product range includes hydraulic baler, tufting machine

From the function, balers can be divided into non-metal baler and metal baler. Non-metal baler can compress waster paper, carton, cardboard, PET bottles, second clothes, rice husk, etc, loose masteries. Metal baler is to compress all kinds of scrap metal like Shaving, scrap and waste aluminum, scrap copper and waste stainless steel, scraped car. To make them into acceptable furnace charges of cuboids, cylinders, octagons & other shapes, so as to reduce the cost of transportation & smelting, to speed up furnace charging; From the shape, it can also divided into vertical and horizontal type.

Tufting machines including toothbrush tufting machine, brooms drilling and tufting machine, toilet brush drilling and tufting machine, cloth brush drilling and tufting machine...etc. They all have the high speed of drilling and tufting.

For baler, tufting machine , we also design and produce them conforming to Europe industry standard. But we prefer to produce them according to custom-built method with competitive prices.

Also, quick delivery is our evident advantage; meanwhile highly trained design engineers are using the latest technology to finish each task for meeting the exact requirements of customers.

An excellent team of engineers is using the most advanced technology to finish each project for meeting the exact requirements of customer. Also, the fast delivery is our evident advantage by the efficient strategy of teamwork.

Just tell us what you need and we will get down to work!

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